Unless we do something proactively, social engineering's impact is expected to keep getting worse as people's reliance on technology increases
Two out of three Americans with jobs are already working from home because of the pandemic. Many will have to
Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned residents of a widespread Twitter and text-message circulated misinformation campaign
This month we learned that a US maritime base had to be taken offline for more than 30 hours because
Cyber hygiene: the term that is evoked whenever there is a threat to our infrastructure, a ransomware attack, or any data breach. It
Cyberwarfare suddenly went public late last month. Multiple media outlets reported that President Trump had authorized U.S. Cyber Command to
Research points to users being significantly more susceptible to social attacks they receive on mobile devices. This is the case
The first step in conducting online propaganda efforts and misinformation campaigns is almost always a fake social media profile. Phony
The continued prosecution of “All the President’s Men” does little to stop the Russians from attempting to influence America’s upcoming
In late 2014, in the aftermath of the Sony Pictures Entertainment breach, I had advocated the development of a cyber