How Close Are You To Being Hacked? Uncover Your Connection Quotient

Are You Closer to Tom Cruise or a Hacker? Ever wondered how closely you’re connected to Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise or, perhaps surprisingly, a potential hacker? Find out in just eight quick questions with this interactive quiz! QUIZ LINK

Discover the intriguing concept of the “six degrees of separation” – a phenomenon that allows most of us, even outside Hollywood circles, to be linked to Tom Cruise through a network of six people or less. But did you know this principle applies to cybersecurity too?

In the realm of cyber threats, understanding the connections between individuals is crucial. This quiz reveals how many steps it takes for a potential hacker to breach an organization’s security and reach someone with access. The fewer the steps, the higher the risk to your organization’s security.

Join me in exploring this new perspective on cyber risk and gain insights that are often overlooked in the world of cybersecurity. Take the quiz now to assess your unique connection quotient and enhance your awareness of personal cyber risk!