Unlock Your Cyber Risk Beliefs: Take the Quiz Now!

Ever wondered why we fall for online deception? It’s because our minds tend to fill in, have, or ignore gaps in what we encounter online. Understanding and measuring these gaps can significantly enhance our efforts in creating targeted and successful security awareness.

Introducing Cyber Risk Beliefs – the beliefs we form while navigating the virtual world that influence how much effort we put into processing information. These beliefs are crucial in shaping our cybersecurity decisions.

Want to explore your Cyber Risk Beliefs? Answer six simple questions in our quick quiz to gain valuable insights into your online security mindset. Click here to take the quiz now: Quiz Link

The science of security has already identified key cyber risk beliefs that matter, and now you can quantify them for yourself.

And rest assured, none of the data from the quiz is being collected. For a deeper dive into the science behind Cyber Risk Beliefs and why they matter, check out my latest piece on the MIT site here: MIT Article