Yet another major cyber extortion campaign is wrecking computer networks all over the world -- and we need to start
FBI Director James Comey was on Capitol Hill with other intelligence leaders on Tuesday to testify over the various email
Never in American political history have hacked and stolen emails played such a central role in a presidential campaign. But
It's not surprising that some Yahoo users have decided to sue the company for negligence over a 2014 breach that
There is a common thread that connects the hack into the sluicegate controllers of the Bowman Avenue dam in Rye,
Donald Trump had the audience at his rally in California on Thursday chanting "build that wall," a reference to his
Even Steve Jobs could not see the potential of third-party mobile apps: those little software programs that turned our mobile
his week, a hospital in western Kentucky was the latest organization to fall victim to a "ransomware" attack -- a
Tuesday at the first congressional hearing on the issue of iPhone encryption, Apple's general counsel argued against the FBI's call
Cybersecurity was in the news again this week as hackers released contact details of thousands of FBI and Homeland Security