Imagine the shock of receiving communication from a hacker saying that your child's most sensitive information — from passports and
Degrees of separation can tell you how likely you are to being hacked. The degrees separating you can reveal your
Security is more like a seat belt than a technical challenge. It's time for developers to shift away from a
Defend against phishing attacks with more than user training. Measure users' suspicion levels along with cognitive and behavioral factors, then
In 2016, Lazarus, a notorious hacking group, aimed to steal a billion dollars through the SWIFT interbank communication system. How
Many are starting to say that pandemic is near its end. That this is the last strain, the final gasp of
An earlier version of this post appeared on CNN By now, we have all heard about last week's Colonial Pipeline
The Colonial Pipeline hack is now making the news and many cyber security experts are providing their take on how
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile–I hope you are reading this. Mobile telephony, your primary business model of enabling phone calls and text
Vulnerabilities in cloud-sharing services stem from the usage of multiple cloud services because of which users need to keep adapting